Even the happiest man on Earth needs counseling. One, to manage that bipolarity, and second, no one is that happy on the surface.

So let’s dig deep.

Patriarchy often dictates that men should be strong to that point of being emotionless and ruthless for the sake of reaching a certain goal. This is toxic, nor matriarchy.

There is only humanness, and as far as I know, humans are the hallmark of creation because of our emotionality. Take that away and we get an animalistic society, not in the wilderness but in urban life.

Suppress emotions and you get chaos, mismanage…

The state of social media in the present is saturated with filtered posts and carefully written description that portrays what the sharer intends to, a far cry from the early blogging days wherein everything is raw and evocative of passion.

History of Blogging

Justin Hall created the first blog called Links.net, while he was studying at Swarthmore College in 1994. The term “blog” will be coined later on but for his web page, he referred to it as his personal homepage.

His blog is still active up to the present time, it’s poignant and fervent. It contains social commentaries and…

The keyword from the title is “stop” meaning you actually began at some point, to read self-help books and the very idea is for you to eventually put it down and start taking action.

This gist is the conclusion of this article but let me walk you through the various reasons why it’s critical to put these books back on the shelf.

Skim with a highlighting pen.

With years of reading self-help books including leadership and management, the ideas can be repetitively packaged in a different structure but in the end, it always speaks about “going for it” and “hustle”…

With time travel mechanics not yet at our disposal to fix culturally-destructive mistakes, what are the options? At present, we know that inventing time travel through the idea of general relativity may not be possible compared to the study of quantum mechanics. Can the effects of time distortions rebuild colossally destroying human mistakes? When life-changing issues and eye-opening revelations transpire, they are in the news cycle for a transient period of time and then utterly ignored. Sure enough, follow-ups were made but hard-hitting questions are not asked and the perpetrators were babysat amidst a society that is always ready to…

It’s meant to fail from the start, taunting the giant is waving the red cape on raging bull.

The fireworks will last for awhile, the shock and awe approach has its 15-minutes of fame until Apple pounds back, harder.

It is understandable why they took this approach though, akin to Apple’s “1984” ad to thwart IBM.

After Epic (Fortnite’s parent company) filed the lawsuit, Apple has threatened to removed Epic’s ability to feature any of their future applications on the iOS platform including Macs.

An overview of this war pertains to Epic’s wanting to have it owns payment system within…

Silence and politeness, albeit, not merely as violent as the racism in other prominent countries, is equally if not more so morally destructive.

I am an immigrant living in Canada since late 2012, although this beautiful land has given me tremendous opportunities, it came with a cause. We moved from Southeast Asia to a small town in Canada where the population is predominantly white (as expected). Everyone is nice, although you can sense the unwelcoming vibe with the deafening silence and stares. At that time, I think none of this but as time progress, I started to understand that silence…

How someone respond to stress during the COVID-19 pandemic can depend on their background, presence or absence of social support from family or friends, financial situation, preexisting health and psycho-emotional background, the community you live in, and other myriad factors. The changes that can happen, if not yet happening, because of the COVID-19 pandemic and the approaches implemented to contain the spread of the virus can affect anyone, either positively or negatively in terms of their mental health.

As we are all aware by now, Covid-19 has brought about monumental changes to the economy, world trade landscape, and social dynamics…

What are you looking forward to this week?

I’m having a Vision boarding party with my girls at my place, finalizing edits for the first draft of a finale of my mini-series, and having lots of meetings about upcoming projects!

Which parallel universe versions of yourself would you want to meet and why?

I actually just met her! A year ago I was thinking that in a parallel universe I would be a therapist or something and then I said to myself, “Life is too short to think about parallel universes! Go out and do it all! Live out all…

What is the best way for a person to attain happiness?

Following your excitement everyday. Listen to what your heart & intuition are telling you and do it. Maybe it’s simply making a cup of coffee in the morning, or spontaneously going on a road trip. Follow your excitement & don’t let fear stop you.

You’ve mentioned in one of your Instagram posts that “Self-care is a transformative part of your life.” Do you think that self-care should be taught in school among other essential life skills?

Yes, I believe schools should teach many more skills to prepare students for…

Monsters and elemental magic roam the dark caverns of Middle Earth, say what more. Get in on this hyper-realistic, mystical ride that defined the legend of The Lord of the Rings. It’s a slow ramp up to an ominous adventure and yet the reward is really not at the end but the journey of a thousand fold. Halt and catch fire is Tolkien’s theme with this classic predecessor. It’s a quest with a simplistic origin towards a more sinister territory, led by the home-buddy, Bilbo Baggins.

This book provides a literary compass to all future fantasy novels of contemporary times…

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